Wilderness, Home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Clifford Wood. Painted by Charles Edward Roberts. Photo courtesy Cliff Wood.

Home Site – Buckingham County, Virginia

Wilderness is located in Buckingham County.  This house was probably built around 1773. The house is seven miles west of Buckingham Court House. It is about four miles off Route 56 on Route 661.


The original house was a story and a half and had a large chimney built of sandstone quarried on the place.  According to the WPA Report, the house was raised to a full two-stories about 1917.

Timeline of Ownership of Wilderness

  • During the second half of the nineteenth century, Wilderness was the home of William Meredith Cabell (1823-1898). William moved from Nelson County to Buckingham County in 1860 and married Mildred Kidder Eldridge (1823-1902) in 1867.
    • William Meredith Cabell was the son of Col. Edward A. Cabell, grandson of Col. William Cabell, Jr., and great grandson of Dr. William Cabell.  William and Mildred had no children.
  • William M. Cabell and Mildred are buried in the graveyard on the property.

Additional Photos

Wilderness, date unknown. Photo courtesy Cliff Wood.
Wilderness, 2002. Photo courtesy Digna Gantt.
Wilderness, 2007. Photo courtesy Archer Minardi.