Tusculum, 1937 WPA Report

Home Site – Nelson County, Virginia

Tusculum is located on the portion of the original Union Hill Estate property deeded to William D. Cabell in 1854 by his father, Mayo Cabell. It was located about 1.25 miles east of Norwood, opposite Norwood Academy in Nelson County, Virginia.


Tusculum was built by William D. Cabell (1834-1904) as a home for teachers at Norwood High School and Academy (see Norwood). The square10-room frame house had three halls and two chimneys. It was two and one-half stories. There were approximately 20 windows with 12 panes. There were six panel doors and the front door had four panes of glass at the top.

Timeline of Ownership of Tusculum

  • Abt. 1870: William D. Cabell
  • 1876: Professor R. H. Willis, a music teacher, lived at Tusculum purchased William D. Cabell’s interest in the school.
  • The house was torn down in the 1970’s.
Tusculum circa 1970. Photo courtesy Digna Gantt.