Three Springs, 2010. Photo courtesy of Archer Minardi.

Home Site – Nelson County, Virginia

The house is located 1.3 miles north of Massie’s Mill in Nelson County, Virginia off Route 56.


The original house was a two-story frame house. It had two rooms on each floor separated by a central passage. The first floor windows are 9 over 6 and the second floor windows are 6 over 6. The doors are cross and bible but the bible is at the bottom rather than the top. The staircase was moved from the right side of the central passage to the left side in the early 1900’s. An addition  was added to the right side of the house around 1864 and an addition was added to the left side around 1900.

Behind the house are the ruins of another building, which burned in 1986. It was two rooms over two rooms with a breezeway. It may have been an earlier home or may have been the kitchen. There is also a battery shed and a smokehouse.

Timeline of Three Springs Ownership

  • Three Springs was built in 1854 by Patrick Cabell Massie (1829–1877), son of Sarah  Carrington Cabell and Dr. Thomas Massie of Blue Rock.
  • Patrick lived at Three Springs with his wife, Susan C. Withers.

Additional Photos

Three Springs, 2010. Photos courtesy of Archer Minardi.