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Variety Shade, Sketch from The Court House Burned by M.A. Pennington. Va. Dept. of Historic Resources.

Home Site – Buckingham County, Virginia

The house was “located on Wingina Road about 9 miles from Buckingham Court House” near the intersection of Routes 649 and 56 in Buckingham County, Virginia. The house no longer is in existence.


Variety Shade(s) was a two-story clapboard house with gables. It was built in the late 18th century and had later additions.

Timeline of Variety Shade Ownership

  • 1798 – Original part of the house was built by Col. William Mosley.
  • His daughter Marcia Louise Moseley and her husband, Colonel Thomas Mosley Bondurant lived at the home.
  • Joseph Cabell lived at Variety Shade for a short period of time.