Harewood circa 2008 (Photo courtesy of Archer Minardi)

Home Site – Nelson County, Virginia

The property is located near Routes 56 and 151 on Harewood Lane in Nelson County.


Harewood was built about 1810. It was one-story with a central chimney and had an attic reached from outside stairs.  The western part of the attic was raised, a stair hall added and a two-story addition was added in 1855 but not completed until 1875.  In 1907, another two-story addition was added.

Timeline of Harewood Ownership

  • Harewood was the home of Dr. William Hare, husband of Elizabeth Cabell (1776-1802), daughter of Hannah and Nicholas Cabell.
  • After his wife’s death, Dr. Hare moved to this estate. Hannah Carrington Cabell (1751-1817) lived at Harewood after the death of her husband, Col. Nicholas Cabell (1750-1803) to take care of her grandchildren.
  • John Massey purchased the property in 1872 and it remains in the family.

Additional Photos

Harewood circa 2008 (Photos courtesy of Archer Minardi)