Home Site- Nelson County, Virginia

The land was part of the original deed to Dr. William Cabell in 1739. The property was the western most home site of the early Cabell homes and located near Gladstone Station, Nelson County, Virginia. There are no remains of the house today although in 1991 part of the property remained in the Horsley family. Mary Cabell and William Horsley are thought to be buried here.

Gladstone Station – Nov. 2009 (photo courtesy of Archer Minardi)

Timeline of Centre Hill Ownership

  • 1744- 1760 – William and Mary Cabell Horsley built and lived at Centre Hill.
  • 1763- After the death of William and Mary Cabell Horsley in 1760, Dr. Cabell deeded the land to her four living children.
  • 1780-1781 William Horsley (1745-1791) lived at the estate of 2345 acres.
  • William Horsley’s son, Robert Horsley (1783-1842), inherited the home.