Struman,1957. Photo courtesy of Sharon Ogle Gunter.

Home Site – Nelson County, Virginia

The property was on the north side of the James above Buffalo Station in Nelson County.  The property is located off Route 626 on 606, Buffalo Station Rd.

Timeline of Struman Ownership

  • John Cabell left Struman to his son Frederick Cabell (1768-1841) upon his death in 1815. 
  • Frederick Cabell (1802-1873) was born and died at Struman indicating the house was built by 1802.
  • 1841-1873. Frederick Mortimer Cabell son of Frederick Cabell (1802-1873) owned the home after his father’s death. Frederick and his son, Frederick Mortimer Cabell were buried there along with two of Frederick Mortimer Cabell’s children.
  • From the tax records, it appears the original house may have burned c. 1884 and another house was built c.1890 by T. B. Mathews and expanded or remodeled c. 1896 by A. T. and Helen Mathews.
  • The Ogles owned the property from approximately 1957-1998.  The house pictured above, known as “The Mansion”, burned about 1959.