Rose Hill, 2009. Photo courtesy of Archer Minardi.

Home Site – Nelson County, Virginia

Dr. William Cabell gave this land to his grandsons (children of Mary) in the mid 1770’s. Rose Hill is located in Nelson County, Virginia. To reach the house, turn on Route 626 from Route 60. Proceed 1.2 miles. Take Route 606 for 0.1 mile and turn right on Route 809 for 0.4 mile.

Timeline of Rose Hill Ownership

  • 1811 – William Horsley (1772-1855) purchased Rose Hill. He was the great grandson of Mary Cabell Horsley.
    • His daughter, Martha Horsley (1814-1865) married Willis Harris at Rose Hill on April 11, 1842. 
  • 1865: Sallie Ida Harris (1849-1922), daughter of Willis and Martha Horsley Harris and her husband, Sterling Claiborne Payne, owned the house.
  • Frank Payne, son of Sterling and Sallie Harris Payne
  • 2010: Mary Payne and James Strickland. The house is well preserved with only minor changes.