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Research on land deeds is ongoing to determine the exact site of Benvenue.

Timeline of Benvenue Ownership

  • Abt. 1846 – 1854 Robert Lawrence Brown (1820-1880)
    • 1846 – 1849 Lived at Benvenue with his wife Sarah Cabell Callaway (1820-1849) until her death. Sarah Cabell Callaway was the granddaughter of Col. William Cabell, Jr. and Anne Carrington Cabell. They were the parents of Alexander Brown, author of The Cabells and Their Kin
    • 1854 – 1857 Lived at Benvenue with his second wife, Margaret Baldwin Cabell (daughter of Mayo Cabell)
  • Nov. 1857- Property put in trust with Joseph Carrington Cabell, Jr. and sold pay debts of Robert Lawrence Brown.
  • May 1858 – Mayo Cabell bought the Benvenue property for his daughter’s family.
    • Jun 1858 – Robert Lawrence Brown, wife (Mayo’s daughter) and family move back in to the home.
  • Feb. 1859 – Mayo Cabell sold the property to Daniel J. Hartsook for $16,500.
    • Daniel James Hartsook (1814-1879) was married to Elizabeth Hannah Carrington (1820-1901) who was the granddaughter of Mary Cabell & William Horsley.
  • Mr. Nelson – Bought the property from Daniel Hartsook for $20,000

Enslaved persons

When Mayo Cabell sold the Benvenue estate to Daniel J. Hartsook in 1859, he also sold him 10 adult slaves and 1 child for $10,250.