Elm Cottage (Photo courtesy of the Alexander Brown Collection)

Home Site- Buckingham County, Virginia

The Buckingham County property is off Route 605 near Cunningham’s Island. About 1/5 of a mile from the existing house, are the remains of one of two massive chimneys, which may have been the original house.


The house was believed to be a log cabin located a short distance from the existing house.

Timeline of Elm Cottage Ownership

  • John Cabell (1743-1815) moved from Green Hill to Elm Cottage, which was located about a mile down river from Green Hill in Buckingham County.
  • After John’s death at Elm Cottage, his son Frederick (1768-1841) purchased this property and Green Hill from his Father’s heirs.
  • Frederick left this property to his son, Clifford (1810-1871).
  • Maria Louisa Graf & Thomas S. McClelland, Jr., who was the grandson of Col. William Cabell, Jr., and their daughter, Mary Greenway McClelland (1853-1895) moved to Elm Cottage in 1859.

Additional Photos

Photos circa 2009 courtesy Archer Minardi