Cabell Family Graveyards

One of the purposes of The Cabell Family Society is the preservation and maintenance of select family graveyards situated in the original land holdings of the Cabell family in Nelson County, Virginia.

Some of the graveyards date to the middle 1700s, and the condition of individual graves varies widely. All of the graveyards are located primarily in Nelson, Buckingham and Amherst counties on private property. Access to graveyards is very limited. An index to burials at family graveyards can be found here. Visit the Cabell Homes page for detailed information on properties and their locations.

The graveyard at Liberty Hall was deeded to the Society in 1957, as was the graveyard at Union Hill in 1961, with rights of egress and maintenance. More information on these and other family graveyard locations can be found in the links in the sidebar.

The body of information related to the Cabell Family graveyards comes from Family Graveyards by Randolph W. Cabell and and Cabell Family Graveyards by Archer Guy Minardi published in 2008 and has been maintained since the 1990’s by Archer Minardi and provided in the publication “Cabell Family Homes”. Without the assistance of so many Cabell Family Society members and property owners this information could not be possible. Their support and cooperation has been invaluable.

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If you have questions or comments about the family graveyards, please contact us via email.