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Midway Mill Courtesy Virginia Dept. of Historic Resources

Mill Site – Nelson County, Virginia

Midway Mill was built around 1787 and located midway between Richmond and Lynchburg along the James River and Kanawha Canal on Mayo’s Creek in an area designated Midway Mills, Nelson, Virginia.  The mill was located about ½ mile off Route 626 on Route 743 in Nelson County, Virginia.


The 1787 mill was powered by water from Goose Creek.  The original mill was wooden and replaced by the stone mill in 1810 or 1830. The building foundation was 60 x 50 feet and the mill was 4 ½ stories tall. The stone walls were 42 inches thick. A brick archway was constructed to funnel water from the Kanawha Canal to the mill, in around 1830-1840. The mill was a major source of flour and meal during the Civil War. A small community, including a tavern, passenger station, post office and general store, developed around the mill which remained in operation until 1925. The mill was demolished in 1998.

Additional Photos

Midway Mill (Photo courtesy Chuck Bailey)