Officers and Directors of The Cabell Family Society, Inc.

The current members of the board are listed below, including the year their term expires and any offices held.

  • Martha C. Cabell, President (2023)
  • Margaret C. Sanford, Vice-President (2023)
  • Margaret Cabell Metts, Recording Secretary (2023)
  • Seddon Cabell Nelson, Jr. (2024)
  • Katherine Cabell Terlesky, Membership Chair & Genealogist (2024)
  • Joseph C. Mahach (2024)
  • Robert L. Self, Graveyard Chair (2025)
  • Kathleen C. Hildreth (2025)
  • Suzy W. Amburn (2025)

The following persons are Officers of the Society or Committee Chairs:

  • Randolph Cabell, Treasurer
  • Digna Gantt, Newsletter Editor
  • Archer Guy Minardi, Corresponding Secretary, Bylaws & Policy Chair
  • Jackie Fannell, Nominating and Records Chair
  • Jane Potts, Annual Meeting Chair
  • Elizabeth Richardson, Archivist