Home Site – Nelson County, Virginia

The house site is located in the mountains up 3 miles on Route 647 from Route 626. The site and graveyard are on the west side of the road. At the time of the WPA Report in 1937, Glenmore was still standing and still occupied by Callaway family. The home is no longer standing today.


Dr. George Callaway built Glenmore in 1820. The two-story rectangular frame house had two rooms and a center passage on each floor. There was a small one-story room on the back. There were two brick chimneys and a small one-story porch with carved balusters. Of the ten windows, some were six over six and some were nine over nine. There were both four and six-paneled doors.

Timeline of Glenmore Ownership

  • Mary Elizabeth Cabell (1791-1867) & her husband Dr. George Callaway (?-1822) lived at Colleton while building Glenmore.  She was the daughter of Col. William Cabell, Jr. and Anne Carrington and granddaughter of Col. William Cabell, Sr. & Margaret Jordan.
  • Their daughter, Sarah Cabell Callaway, married Robert L. Brown at Glenmore in 1842. Their son, Alexander Brown (author of The Cabells and Their Kin), was born at Glenmore in 1843.