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Oak Ridge

Oak Ridge, Robert A. Lancaster

Home Site – Nelson County, Virginia

The original tract of land was called Nassau and was bought by Colonel William Cabell in 1780.  He purchased 2380 acres on both sides of Dutch Creek and Rucker’s Run and 1970 acres on the south fork of Rucker’s Run and the head branches of the Tye River.  In 1793 he gave 800 acres on Rucker’s Run to his daughter Margaret.  By 1800 the Nassau tract was known as Oak Ridge.

In 1798, Margaret Cabell (1770-1815) wife of Robert Rives, inherited part of the land comprising the Oak Ridge estate and Rives purchased the remainder of the land from the other heirs. 

Oak Ridge is located about 3.2 miles south of Lovingston, Virginia on Route 653 (Oak Ridge Road).


The original house was brick covered with wood.  It was 2 stories with a basement and was 59 x 45 feet.  The wood and brick front porch was 20 x 10 ft. and the back porch was 12 x 10 ft. It is presumed that most of the materials were imported from England and that Rives used local carpenters and his own enslaved workers to build Oak Ridge. The house had four rooms over four, with five rooms furnished with beds.  The first floor consisted of a parlor, passage, dining room, sitting room and chamber.  The 34 x 22 kitchen was 60 feet behind the east side of the house. The 15 x 15 smokehouse was 20 feet from the rear porch.  The one story brick and wood 18 x 15 office was 50 feet behind the west side of the house.  

Timeline of Oak Ridge Ownership

Additional Photos

Oak Ridge chapel, 2006 & 2015. Photos courtesy of Archer Minard.

Oak Ridge, 2006. Photo courtesy Digna Gantt.
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