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John Cabell

John Cabell (1735-1815) was born in Goochland at the Licking hole Creek residence prior to his family’s migration up the James River to Swan Creek.

View of John Cabell’s Green Hill Estate across the James River from the Forkfield site ca. 1978.

He married Paulina Jordan when he was twenty-seven years old and settled in Buckingham County on the Green Hill estate directly across the river from the Forkfield estate.

Little is known of John since his family papers and those of Buckingham County have been lost or destroyed. He served as sheriff and county lieutenant of Buckingham County and represented his County in the General Assembly of Virginia during the 1780’s.

Paulina Jordan Cabell died in 1781 leaving 7 children ages 1-21 years of age. John Cabell then married Elizabeth Brereton in 1787 and adopted her 6 year old son, Robert Jones. She died in 1802. John Cabell’s last partner was Frances Johnson (1788-1823) who he likely never married but had 3 children by her in his 70’s. John Cabell died in 1815 at the age of 80.

John Cabell and Paulina Jordan’s children, spouses, and homeplace

John Cabell and Elizabeth Brereton’s children, spouses, and homeplace

John Cabell and Frances Johnson’s children, spouses, and homeplace

Migration of the Descendants of John Cabell

John had 14 children with 3 wives; his descendants are noted for an early departure from the central Virginia homesites, and establishment of Cabell communities in Lynchburg, West Virginia, and southern Kentucky. After two generations, most of his descendants had moved out of the area.

The children of John Cabell that remained in Virginia:

The children of John Cabell that moved west:

Explore the migration of John’s descendants in the map below. Click on the map to open in a new window. The birth of John’s children at Green Hill can be seen on the map with all of the children popping up in the current James River State Park, the former location of Green Hill. John’s great-great grandchildren can be found in the silver mines of Oregon and in California and Texas.

Exploring the map

The following map shows the migration of 5 generations of descendants of John Cabell. This includes 737 descendants born before 1900.

Click on the Map name (John-Descendants) to open the map in a new window (you can also download a copy to save). Click on the large icon on the map near Virginia Beach for more details.

Notable Descendants of John Cabell

18th century

19th century

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