The Cabell Family Society, Inc. 
A Virginia Memorial and Genealogical Association

Membership in the Society

Membership in the Cabell Family Society is limited to direct descendants of Dr. William Cabell and his wife, Elizabeth Burks Cabell. Dues are $20 per year and include a subscription to the Society's newsletter. Every applicant must establish his or her descent from Dr. William Cabell and Elizabeth Burks Cabell to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors.

Non-descendants who have an interest in the Cabell family and its history can apply for associate membership, which is subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

The current membership chairperson is Katherine Terlesky. If you have membership questions, you can email her at Please put "Cabell Membership" as the subject of your email message.

We provide an electronic version of our membership application. You are strongly encouraged to email the membership chair for assistance in filling out this form.

You will need a pdf reader, such as Adobe's free Acrobat reader in order to view and print this form.


If you are a member of the Society and have a change of address, please email your new address information to