The Cabell Family Society, Inc. 
A Virginia Memorial and Genealogical Association

Officers and Directors of The Cabell Family Society, Inc.


The current members of the board are listed below, including the year their term expires and any offices held.

W. Scott Breckinridge Smith, President (2019)
Jane Gordon Potts, Vice President (2019)
Digna Gantt, Newsletter Editor (2019)
S. Cabell Dudley, Jr., (2020)
Margaret Cabell Metts (2020)
Margaret C. Sanford (2020)
Carrington Dudley (2021)
Seddon Cabell Nelson, Jr. (2021)
Katherine Cabell Terlesky, Genealogist (2021)


The following persons are Officers of the Society or Committee Chairs:


Randolph Cabell, Treasurer

Martha Carrington Cabell Peters, Recording Secretary
lizabeth (Betsy) Dugdale MacIntosh, Membership Chair

Archer Guy Minardi, Nominating Committee Chair and Corresponding Secretary

Bob Self, Graveyard Committee Chair

Jackie Fannell, Records Committee Chair