The Cabell Family Society, Inc. 
A Virginia Memorial and Genealogical Association

Welcome to The Cabell Family Society, Inc. 

The Cabell Family Society, Inc., is an association of descendants of Dr. William Cabell, who emigrated from Frome, Somerset County, England to Virginia in 1723.

The Society's purpose is to foster family ties and knowledge of Dr. Cabell's family, help preserve original family graveyards, document family history and genealogy, and preserve important Cabell documents and other memorabilia.

As a small family organization, our primary concerns are our quarterly newsletter, our annual meeting, and graveyard maintenance in the original landholdings of Dr. Cabell, in and around Nelson County, Virginia.

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The Cabell Family Society, Inc., formerly “The Cabell Foundation, Inc.,” is not affiliated with The Robert G. Cabell, III and Maude Morgan Cabell Foundation.

The Robert G. Cabell, III and Maude Morgan Cabell Foundation, sometimes referred to as "The Cabell Foundation" was founded in 1957 by Mr. Robert G. Cabell, III, and Mrs. Maude Morgan Cabell, as a private, non-operating foundation to support the permanent needs of charitable organizations throughout Virginia, with particular emphasis on agencies in the metro Richmond region.  Since its inception, The Cabell Foundation has provided permanent gifts and challenge grants to a diverse mix of nonprofit institutions.  For more information about The Cabell Foundation, visit its website at